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Re: anyone else having mediacheck problems with FC3t1 images?

that leaves the burning process, which is what i guess i'll look at next. but is there any evidence that the mediacheck might be a bit scrambled?

Some CD-ROM kernel software drivers, and some CD-ROM hardware drives, (and/or some combinations of those two) have [had] trouble recognizing "end of recorded data" especially when [trying to] read multiple sectors at a time. If the reason that mediacheck fails is "block I/O error", and if the sector number corresponds to beyond the known length of the .iso (or is within 30KB), then it may be that the data is OK and the reported failure is due to complications involving end-of-data. This is part of the reason for the "-pad" parameter to mkisofs and to cdrecord. -pad adds 15 sectors (30KB) of zeroes at the end, to try to keep the drive and driver from reporting an error at the end.

During mediacheck, use <Ctrl><Alt><Fn> to see other [text] screens
with driver diagnostics, including error codes and block numbers.
The block numbers can be confusing because the implied block size
is not consistent: 2KB physical on the CD-ROM, not necessarily that
large in the diganostic message.  Anyway, try 512 bytes/block
if necessary to make sense of the message.


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