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Re: SATA boot whish for FC3

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On Wednesday 21 July 2004 03:32, Bjorn Andersen wrote:
> I have a Intel Perl motherboard with a 2.4 Intel P4, HT processor. One
> WD Raptor SATA as primary disk and one IDE Maxtor as primary IDE disk.
> GRUB is getting installed on /dev/hda but bios is booting on /dev/sda.
> If i change the bios to boot on /dev/hda (GRUB install) the system boots
> as it should from /dev/sda.
> In config advanced alternatives for boot loader in GRUB install, the hda
> is on top of sda and the GRUB will get installed on hda
> See the top line: http://www.linuxin.dk/pictures/fc211.jpg
> (sorry for the danish language)
> But the standard place for loading linux kernel is /dev/sda2 (my /boot
> partition)
> Im not doing any "silly" things to the installer. Choosing STANDARD all
> the way tru the installer, will not make the system boot.

Ah, you have an IDE disk already in there.  Anaconda has no way of knowing 
that you wish to boot from your SATA (it appears to anaconda as SCSI) disk 
over your IDE disk.  Anaconda does the save thing and installs to the 
first harddrive it sees.  Thats why when the Grub screen comes up you can 
adjust it.  Don't confuse the GRUB install location (/dev/hda or /dev/sda) 
with the /boot location.  GRUB installs to the master boot record of a 
DISK not to a PARTITION.  /boot is a PARTITION.

The mass majority of systems out there do in fact boot from the first 
harddisk detected.  For those oddball systems that do not, Anaconda allows 
you to manually adjust.  I'm not sure how this can be improved.  Any 
further thoughts?

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