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Re: kernel 2.6.6 - opengl - 810 video problem

Michal Jaegermann wrote:
On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 09:00:37PM -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:

Mike Lurk wrote:

in openGL. As a matter of fact any of the 2.6.6 kernels haven't worked
with openGL.

What is the symptom with the opengl problem?

I run into that with i830 video (really 845).  Symptomps are pretty
simple.  You try to start anything using openGL, like glxgears or
any GL based screensaver,  and there is an instant lockup with no
traces in logs and only a power switch still working.

This is an extra fun with xscreensaver.  With a "random screen
saver" you will notice first that you have a dead machine after some
period of not using a keyboard.  Sooner or later but every time.  If
you will try to use GUI to turn off offending programs then touching
a checkbox turns such program on and you have a dead machine again. :-)

Is there a bug report filed on this problem?


Has it been resolved?

It seems to me that an additional clarifying information would
be appreciated there.  Anyone?


When I read the reported problem, I first tried glxgears and then tried some of the 3D screensavers. I then did a network search and found some 3D filemanager that there was a link to. I downloaded the source for the program, but it needed some toolkit for opengl.

845 seems to be newer than my chipset. I hope the 403 version released by arjan today fixes the breakage for you. 3D seemed a bit washed out for me. Hopefully the fix / proposed fix works.

THanks for the explanation.


Your business will assume vast proportions.

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