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Re: About Bootsplash

D. D. Brierton wrote:

> On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 15:15, Jonathan Rawle wrote:
>> At present there are still a few issues with it that shouldn't be too
>> hard to resolve. My pet hate is the way it starts X on vt8 for the
>> graphical boot, then kills it (meaning the text login is shown if your
>> monitor changes sync quick enough) then starts a new X session on vt7.
>> This is a waste of time!
> Hmmm. That sounds odd, but perhaps it's for some good technical reason.
> I don't have FC2 installed yet (waiting for FireWire to be reinstated in
> the stock kernel), but in FC1 I get a graphical boot but not a graphical
> restart or shutdown. Is that normal? I was reading over the thread on
> rhl-beta mentioned earlier in this thread, and one of the reasons for
> introducing rhgb is to shield ordinary users from potentially confusing
> boot messages. Aren't the shutdown/restart messages equally confusing?
> Also, there are still all the messages from the kernel before init
> starts which I believe are far more cryptic than the ones from init. Is
> there no way to shield the ordinary user from those as well?

FC2 uses the "quiet" kernel parameter to suppress most of the kernel
messages at boot.

Shutdown/reboot is still in text mode. I guess it would be possible to have
an equivalent of rhgb that could be used for this.

X usually "respawns" so that it starts again after it was killed. But I
can't see why a wrapper can't be used to start the login on an existing
rhgb X session if it exists, otherwise start a new one. I guess it's just
not a priority.


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