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Re: Netgear MA111 problem


I wonder what it would take to get the FC2 drivers to work with the MA111 (from what I remember, it only took a one-line change to allow the MA111 to be detected in wlan-ng)

It's compiled, it's installed and won't work as the modules are in the
"incorrect format".

Any way to fix it?

What specific errors do you get?

I don't recall exactly what I did but it would have been something like:

* install the FC2 kernel sources RPM
* cd into /usr/src/linux...
* copy the relevant config from the configs subdirectory into .config
* make oldconfig
* make
* make install
* reboot to test the 'custom' kernel

then install the wlan-ng sources, configure them to compile only the usb driver and point them at the kernel sources built in the previous step.

Configuration is a bit of a pain, I used the text config files not the system-config-* GUI. But it does work.


camilo mesias co uk                                                 <--

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