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disable IPV6?

I'm having network/DNS issues just like what Jim Tate described in an earlier thread called "Why is Web Browsers so slow at Resolving Hosts". I sent a detailed message of my efforts in tackling this problem to the list yesterday, but mistakenly sent it from the wrong address. Maybe the moderators will still let it through?

Anyway, I'm wondering if the fact that IPV6 is enabled on my machine could be part of the slowness problem? When I run ethereal, I get several IPV6 repliess (AAAA) before finally getting an IPV4 reply (A) and a successful name resolution. ifconfig shows that my card does have a V6 address. Deleting that address doesn't change the dnslookup behavior. I don't see those kinds of replies when I dual-boot the machine into Windows XP or Knoppix.

I've set NETWORKING_IPV6=no and IPV6_AUTOCONF=no explicitly in my /etc/sysconfig/network script, but it still comes up configured.

So two questions really - is there a possibility that this could be part of my DNS slowness problem, and if so, how do I disable it?


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