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Re: amd_64 SATA status question

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Jesse Keating wrote:
| On Thursday 11 March 2004 07:50, Neal D. Becker wrote:
|>Thanks so much for  the info.  I think I found the board you're talking
|>about, is this correct:
|>Asus K8V Deluxe Via K8T800/Via VT8237 Lan Audio Firewire DDR 400 ATX AMD
| That be the one.  I work for Pogo Linux, and thats the board we use as
| base for our Athlon64 workstation.
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What about the nForce3-based boards?  Specifically, the Gigabyte GA-K8N.
~ Does anyone have any experience with the nForce3 series of boards?  Do
they Just Work with FC1-x86_64, do they work after installing nVidia's
nForce drivers for Linux, or none of the above?

The Gigabyte appears to have an sil3512 controller on board

I ask this because I've been pondering kitting out a rig at either
www.cyberpowerinc.com or www.buyxg.com (no offense, Jesse).  Anyone have
any experience with either of those vendors?  BuyXG seems to have the
cheaper prices, but I've seen some negative feedback on their Reseller
Ratings profile...

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