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Re: The new X.org X11 implementation, has now been put in rawhide (was Re: Xorg server)

On Thursday 18 March 2004 4:51 am, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Sandy Pond wrote:
> >So, I noticed the Xorg server on rawhide ... so what's the story.

doing up2date xorg-x11  i get the following dependancy errors

Name                                    Version        Rel
xorg-x11                              0.0.2004_03_11.4    

Testing package set / solving RPM inter-dependencies...
There was a package dependency problem. The message was:

Unresolvable chain of dependencies:
Glide3-20010520-25                       requires XFree86-libs = 4.1.0
XFree86-Mesa-libGL-4.3.0-64              requires XFree86-libs < 4.2.0-50.5
XFree86-Mesa-libGLU-4.3.0-64             requires XFree86-libs < 4.2.0-50.5
XFree86-libs-data-4.3.0-64               requires XFree86-libs <=

is there a bug for these already or should i start one?


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