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Re: Someone Explain: Whats going on X.org/XFree

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 01:11 -0700, reg dwf com wrote:

> OK, we have a nice announcement that XFree is being replaced by X.org.
> Can someone explain the politics of whats going on, and why this is
> happening????
> Did I miss something?
> -- 
>                                         Reg.Clemens
>                                         reg dwf com

There are several components of XFree86 4.4 that required changing the
license of the software (and/or the XFree maintainers 'chose' to change
the license).  The short answer is Red Hat (and many major people,
distributions, and organizations) decided that the license is not

See this post by Mike Harris for some explanation.  For more info google
it up, there have been stories on slashdot and elsewhere so its out
there.  The core issue is not Fedora specific.

"The only thing neccessary for the triumph of evil is for good men
to do nothing." (Edmond Burke)

Andrew Farris, CPE major
California Polytechnic University, SLO
fedora andrewfarris com

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