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Re: hmmmm, now what - radeon and xorg configuration

On Wed, 24 Mar 2004, Laurent GUERBY wrote:

>> There is no 100% accurate up to date video hardware support list 
>> anywhere, at least not to the best of my knowledge.
>Is there such a list for 3D video harware with fully open source drivers
>(no binary thanks) that support at least some of the 3D features of the
>hardware? I hope the list is not empty...

The DRI website has some documentation on that, however I don't 
know how up to date it is.  Also, the DRI docs pertain to DRI-CVS 
rather than to a specific XFree86 or X.org X release, so if the 
DRI website says some hardware is supported, it doesn't mean it's 
necessarily supported in XFree86 4.4.0 or X.org currently for 

One example being Radeon IGP DRI, which is only supported in 
DRI-CVS, and not in X.org or XFree86 4.4.0.

Mike A. Harris       ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
OS Systems Engineer - X.org X11 maintainer - Red Hat

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