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fedora.us FC2 test2 1.91 repository status


1.91 has been added to the fedora.us repository mirrors. Please DO NOT USE THE MAIN MIRROR, choose a nearer mirror from the list above. The current 1.90 tree will disappear REAL SOON NOW so update your apt/yum configurations.

fedora.us apt and yum for 1.91 is not yet ready, so for now you will need to copy the old 1.90 version and edit the configs. It still seems to be binary compatible for now. However we have no idea if apt will work with selinux enforcement enabled.

The "yum" directory tree within the 1.91 directory has been removed entirely and instead yum headers are being generated within each RPMS directory.

Be warned that upgrading from FC2 test1 to test2 using apt/yum will not result in a system fully representative of test2 due to selinux not being enabled and filesystem not labeled. You should either use the test2 Anaconda installer or figure out the manual labeling procedure (where is the URL for that?).


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