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Three more test boxes, one new set of problems , one old

IBM Thinkpad 600 - updated perfectly. I've not yet checked out all the old
desktop problems I was having to see if they are gone but will do so.
Installer incorrectly spews warnings about geometry matches still. APM auto
suspend stuff doesn't like 2.6 but otherwise is working better RH9, and
definitely better than FC1

Cyrix III with 3ware ATA raid. No problems despite those reported by some
users. Had to specify mem=512M because the BIOS gets the mtrr data wrong
and we don't seem to correct it (thats always been the case). Had to use
text mode because vesa driver on P9100 is broken (again old problems).
Working as well as 2.4/FC1

Dual Opteron with dell obsidian quad ultra80 raid card. This blows up if there
are any volumes on the aacraid, but is fine if the aacraid has no disks. 
It also blew up because the old disks I reused to avoid the aacraid both
had a /boot partition on them which it took offence too, and after I fixed
that it offered to upgrade my IA32 distro. I wasn't sure if this was supposed
to work so I hit upgrasde. It flashed something up on screen I couldnt
read and then exited the installer. If I do a new install this problem doesnt
seem to occur

Welsh language stuff also looks ok. Initscripts is short the most recent
po file fixes, up2date is somewhat messed up (but quite frankly its got
critical bugs open since FC1 beta so I don't think anyone cares much). I
guess yum needs translating though.

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