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Dell Latitude pp01l

Well, the first machine that i attempted a clean FC2T3 install on was an
older Dell Latitude pp01l that i have over the weekend, to reinstall
windows on, for a co-worker.. i figured i'd toss Fedora on there, and
see how it goes.

First of all, it's nothing to great.. i thiks it's a 850mhz (though it
might be a 750mhz) Pentium III. It's got a 20 gig drive, and 128 megs of
ram. And some kidna ati card.. with a prime res of 1024x768.

The install went pretty well. No problems in Anaconda.. mouse worked,
keyboard worked, display worked fine too. I did note that it didn't
auto-eject the cd when it asked for another.. saw someone mention this
earlier.. not sure if it's a problem or just a change to the installer.

After the install, things started comming undone. I got the weird problem
with the graphical boot screen being broken in half and doubled up.. then
it would crash and the scree would go all white.. and i'd have to unplug
it. I used the trick someone mentioned before.. i booted knoppix and
removed all modes except the one tha worked from xorg, and then it booted
half-ok.. ended up i had to remove the graphical boot option from the
kernel flags in grub.. and then i had to edit the inittab and change it to
default to level 3. Oh, and i had to put the display driver on 'vesa'.. it
was on some ati driver and that wouldn't work either.. seemed to be what
was making it crash and turn white.

If i let it boot into init level 3, login, and run gdm, all goes well.
Also, oddly, if I log in, then type 'init 5', it seems to start up ok as
well. However, if i set the default back to init 5 and reboot, it goes
back into the graphical booter and crashes on boot.

Other than that, and being very slow (128 megs of ram...), all went well,
and nothing seems to be broken.. no xkb errors or anything.. touchpad and
erasor-head work great.

Tomorrow i install it on my laptop :)

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