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RE: test3 vs make xconfig

Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:

>Greets all;
>I just ran a make xconfig on that fresh install of test3 on my shop 
>box as I wanted to turn on a full fledged ISA bus scan since there 
>are two custom made 8 bit ISA cards containing a few relays and 
>apparently a whole 8 bit wide input port per card, and while I have 
>what appears to be normal fonts elsewhere, all I get on the xconfig 
>screen are gfx chars, little boxes of various shapes and half, 
>quarter, and full moons in a character sized box.
>That box isn't on a network allthough it may be eventually when I can 
>figure out howto get some cat5 run to the shop building.  I hate 
>digging ditches, been there, done that once already for power out 
>Running gnome of course since there is apparently no terminals 
>available if I switchdesk to kde.  And it sure don't look like the 
>kde I'm looking at here!
>How can I fix these fubared characters?
>Cheers, Gene

Use qconfig. It's not broken. If you must use xconfig, an anonymous poster in a 2.6.5 kernel forum recommended running qtconfig. Deselect (turn off) the option labeled "Enable Anti-Aliased Font Support (XFT)". It worked for me.  

-- Kam Leo

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