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Re: Fedora Core 2 Test 3 on an IBM Thinkpad 600x

On Sat, May 01, 2004 at 02:33:01PM -0400, Anand Rangarajan wrote:
> Installation of FC2t3 went fairly smoothly.  For some reason, it 
> complained that my partition table (generated by a previous redhat 9 
> installation which I wiped out in the course of installing FC2t3) was 
> inconsistent and that I would have problems booting. Recommended that I 

Known bug in the installer

> make a bootdisk. However, I was never again prompted to make a bootdisk 
> later on in the installation. (Also, I read somewhere that the 2.6 
> kernel is too large for a boot floppy so perhaps this should be fixed.)

Please bugzilla. Bootdisks are no more.

> I picked a 1024x768 generic LCD display but for some reason, the display 
> configurator chose a 800x600  24 bit resolution. Perhaps it detected 
> 2.5MB of video memory and automatically picked the 800x600 resolution? 
> Redhat 9 allowed me to run 1024x768 at 24bpp.

Same problem I had with an LCD panel - seems it forgets to offer the
exact size.

> When I tried to add/remove packages using the GUI, I ran into a problem. 
> KDE (or is it the installer?) mounted the FC2t3 CD 1 and brought up the 

The config-packages tool mounts the CD-ROM and knows about locking it
v nautilus but possibly not versus konqueror.

> When I rebooted for the second time, it said that it had to do some 
> recovery of my / ext3 partition and later on mentioned that it had 
> cleaned up some inodes. WTF is that? AFAIK, I had cleanly rebooted. This 
> should not have happened.

Also saw that on my thinkpad 600, as if the IDE layer forgot to issue
the cache-flush, power off sequence that the IBM laptop drives require.
2.4 does do this and 2.6 should be doing it but there may be a 2.6 bug - worth
bugzillaing it and drop me the number so I can add mine. I wasnt sure if it
was a specific funny of my laptop.


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