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Re: test3 vs make xconfig

On Saturday 01 May 2004 19:10, Gene Heskett wrote:
>On Saturday 01 May 2004 17:51, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>On Saturday 01 May 2004 16:25, A1tmblwd netscape net wrote:
>>>Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:
>>>>Greets all;
>>>>I just ran a make xconfig on that fresh install of test3 on my
>>>> shop box as I wanted to turn on a full fledged ISA bus scan
>>>> since there are two custom made 8 bit ISA cards containing a few
>>>> relays and apparently a whole 8 bit wide input port per card,
>>>> and while I have what appears to be normal fonts elsewhere, all
>>>> I get on the xconfig screen are gfx chars, little boxes of
>>>> various shapes and half, quarter, and full moons in a character
>>>> sized box.
>>>>That box isn't on a network allthough it may be eventually when I
>>>> can figure out howto get some cat5 run to the shop building.  I
>>>> hate digging ditches, been there, done that once already for
>>>> power out there.
>>>>Running gnome of course since there is apparently no terminals
>>>>available if I switchdesk to kde.  And it sure don't look like
>>>> the kde I'm looking at here!
>>>>How can I fix these fubared characters?
>>>>Cheers, Gene
>>>Use qconfig. It's not broken. If you must use xconfig, an
>>> anonymous poster in a 2.6.5 kernel forum recommended running
>>> qtconfig. Deselect (turn off) the option labeled "Enable
>>> Anti-Aliased Font Support (XFT)". It worked for me.
>>Thanks Kam.  If you are refering to "make qconfig", thats an error
>> 2, no such option in the makefile or some such twaddle.
>>When I arrived up the hill at the shop, and woke up the monitor(I'd
>>left it running when I came down the hill to send the previous
>> msg), the screen was trashed, and I had to exit x and restart it
>> to clean up the screen (I'm using a blank screen as the
>> screensaver).  Now it seems to me the least fussy screensaver is a
>> blank screen, needs little of no cpu.  But this is test 3, so...
>>That machine did pass about 3 full passes of memtest86 nice and
>>Next suggestion?  Does a make menuconfig still work?
>One thing I hadn't noticed is that, first qtconfig was preset for
> some utf8 font as the default, rather quickly changed to codepage
> 437 which I also made the default compiled in font when I finally
> got a "make xconfig" to run.
>That problem it turned out, was the fonts for starters, and the lack
>of my copying in from the configs dir, a suitable starter .config.
>Once that was done, everything seems normal, and a fresh kernel is
>building as we type, probably take about an hour since its a 233
> PII, and only 128 megs of pc-100 dimm.  Can you say sslloooowwwwww?

Time ./makeit bailed out without installing the modules, from the lack 
of that linkage from linux-2.6.  My fault, and I can fix the makeit 
script.  But the bailout was still 124 minutes!  To build a bzImage 
and install it?  Thats a bit like watching paint dry, really.  Oil 
based at that.  Sheesh.

>For those with similar problems, run qtconfig and assign some
>reasonable fonts, then make sure there is a copy of .config present
>in the /usr/src/linux-2.6 tree.
>Humm, I noted, but didn't fix, the lack of a softlink named
> linux-2.6 in the usr/src dir.  Should I fix that?

I did, but not before the script bailed out.  I finished the job by 
hand, but on the reboot, the kernel panic'd, couldn't find the 
drives /boot partition.  Its (hd0,0)...  In both entries of 

Dbl checked my grub.conf, but it looks clean to me.  Ideas anyone?

Cheers, Gene
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