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Re: Bug/status summary from my testing

Alan Cox wrote:
Generally test3 is looking good, even on weirder setups including the
CyrixIII box.

aacraid is broken on AMD64 (#122196)
release notes are broken (typos, and corners wrong at bottom) (#122199)
x86-64 install blows up upgrading x86-32 installation (#122201)
Bogus partition warning (#12204)
Broken display mode options (#122205)
One box needs mtrr fixups (upstream issue)

Queued to retest
- NCR5380 is broken in older FC2test
- Atmel USB wireless is broken in older FC2test
- Acard ATP870U corrupts memory on older FC2test
- 3com 3c590 was not working in FC1/FC2test but was in RH9 or with Becker
- I2O support is broken (need to also test Markus patches not integrated)

Then on to X stuff - via driver problems, voodoo driver missing etc.

Add scanner devices not getting the correct permissions to be recognized by xsane with the 2.6 kernel. With the 2.4 kernel, permissions were set to allow xsane to detect the scanner. (Bug 121511)

A problem related to the kernel really slowing down a lot only happened to me when downloading the test 3 isos. I'm not sure if this was kernel related or intermittent harware pre-failure with my computer.


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