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Re: Screen saver / tuxracer crashes

Scott A Phipps wrote:

I am also having similar problems. I have a machine with a radeon 7500
all-in-wonder that I installed test 3 on, and anything gl related will
lock the box up hard. It also locks up hard sometimes while starting X

This is sad to hear, since this is the state of things that I found in the 2001 timeframe. With a radeon, my system would lock up hard, requiring the power button, every single time I launched a game of return to castle wolfenstein.

I finally lost patience, installed an nvidia, along with the evil proprietary nvidia 3D drivers, and the box has been rock solid ever since - through upgrades from rh 7.2-> rh 7.3-> rh8.0-> rh9-> FC1, not a single crash, though it has alternated through long periods of q3a, RtCW, 3D screensavers, watching movies, surfing the web, and recently, many hours of ut2004.

In my experience using ATI cards for 3D under linux leads to loss of hair, and high blood pressure.

Jut my .02


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