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Re: Adding fc2trc to Grub menu

Am So, den 02.05.2004 schrieb Steven P. Ulrick um 20:07:
> Here's the scenario: I have four devices hooked up to the two ide busses
> on my motherboard.  They could be described something like this:
> primary master: Western Digital 120 gig HD
> primary slave: CD-ROM, indeterminate origin
> Secondary Master: Maxtor 120 gig HD
> Secondary Slave: Maxtor 40 gig HD
> I have grub installed on the master boot record, but I installed FC2TR3
> on the Secondary Slave, and chose to install GRUB on that disc, 

I'm not shure, what what you exactly did. Did you partition your disc to
have a separate /boot partition (/dev/hdc1 traditionally) and a
partition for root (/dev/hdc2) and did you instruct grub to install in
/dev/hdc1? In this case you may try:

title Fedora Core 2tr3 (2.6.5-1.327)
        rootnoverify (hd2,0)
        chainloader +1

Should work the same way, if you did install all the stuff into one
partition ( /dev/hdc1 = hd(2,0) )

Given your setup, what is the error message you receive?


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