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Installation of FC T2: GRUB interactive on 1st install and GRUB hang on 2nd install


I just joined this mailing list and I have no idea what URL is available
for past emails to this
group so any advice or pointers would be helpful, and thanks in advance.

I have an old VA Linux Systems 501

I have downloaded the FC T2 and I have installed and configured the HDDs
now and it is getting very annoying so I guess that is what being on the
means...  aggravation.... grrrrr.

Try #1:

The first install did not go well.  I have gone through two-hours of
installation, partitioning of
the HDDs, and installing 'Everything' for packages and it appears that
this might be the
cause of my woes?  It seems that everything was somewhat fine (in spite
that the CDROM
read had difficultling reading some packages that I had to occasionally
retry) but other than
that, the installation seems to complete to the end with the 'reboot'
button.  The problem after
installation is this:  on reboot, everything was restarted until GRUB
and then GRUB went into
interactive mode.  There was NO SETUP -- so I had NO IDEA what I was
looking for since I
hadn't used GRUB in interactive mode before until now.  Dang... I found
the splash screen
and that came up but what the heck is the explicit filename for the
vmlinuz????  Anyone have
a sample GRUB.CONF file so I can try a manual boot?  Never mind...  I
gave up thinking
that my CD's were corrupted so I downloaded T2 again, checked the MD5's
and burned 4
more CDs.

Try #2:

I installed T2 again, starting over from scratch and changed the way I
setup my partitions.  NOTE:
there was a problem with manual DRUID, as I noticed that there was NO
BOOT PARITION on a SECOND drive!!!  Sheesh! -- so I got out of the
installation, and booted my
trusty little boot-floppy (self-booting Linux kernel, standalone from 8
years ago) and fdisked out
all the partitions, saved, rebooted, and then restarted the installation
again.  This time paritioning
worked to my specs and the installation when completely through with 1
file re-read.  Rebooting
after a complete install (using "Everygthing" packages), and an now
revisiting GRUB but this time
the GRUB is HUNG!!!!  GOL-DURN-IT!!!!

Now what am I doing wrong folks?  Any hints or advice as to how to
kick-start this?

Best regards,

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