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RE: Installation of FCT2: GRUB interactive on 1st install and GRUB hangs on 2nd install


Yes, I did that.  It did not work.  I am re-installing for the third
time taking all of the fedora defaults (it sets the paritions of
MBR to /dev/hda, /boot to /dev/hda1, / and swap to /hdb1 and I manually
selected the packages for server setup.  Lets see how that flys....

I noticed tho, that grub-install and grub (interactive) NEVER touches
the /boot/grub.conf file...  hmmmmm. So if your grub.conf is missing
or corrupted...  oh gosh darn, too bad.

Note: previously I fiddled with the paritions and noticed that the
is that / was on /dev/hdb3 parition with no active set and the default
/ is on /dev/hdb1, with active partition set.  I took the suggested
/boot to be
/dev/hda1 with MBR for /dev/hda (so, I always took the default). I am
if the / partition *has* to be in the first partition of any drive and
set to active
as I know that /boot has to be the first partition and set to active.  I
that / parition can be anywhere it wants to be.

Sheesh, I spent all day Sat/Sun and getting nowhere with FCT2!
Bad-Karma day I suppose.


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installandGRUBhangon 2nd install

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried EVERYTHING from grub-install, to interactive grub
> so something is very wrong and I am unable to understand
> it.  The grub.conf file is correct, the MBR is written
> on the same drive as the /boot (although / is on a different
> drive, non-active parition) so I have no idea what the problem
> is.  Heck, I have installed RH MANY times with no problems,
> so why is FCT2 failing for me?
> Any ideas???

Does it boot to this:


and then stop?

If so you can try this...

Type the following at the grub prompt:

root (hd0,0) <then hit enter>
setup (hd0) <then hit enter>

If you get no errors then you can reboot and see if it works.

csm moongroup com, head geek

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