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Re: nVidia RIVA TNT - any success story?ll

You're kidding right? Did you RTFM on the drivers? Run their "binary" with -x and guess what? You have the full source, complete and ready to be hacked which I have done in order to get APM working when they decided to comment all of the code out (i admit quite awhile ago). Try it again, while they might not be GPL (i didn't bother to verify) they do provide the source. I don't have an NVidia in this laptop but here is your source:

[kspeer ks-fedlin64 nv]$ ls
conftest.sh          nv.c         nv-misc.h       os-interface.h
gcc-version-check.c  nv.h         nvtypes.h       os-registry.c
makedevices.sh       nv-kernel.o  os-agp.c        README
Makefile             nv-linux.h   os-agp.h        rmretval.h
Makefile.kbuild      nv-memdbg.h  os-interface.c
[kspeer ks-fedlin64 nv]$ pwd
[kspeer ks-fedlin64 nv]$

On your other pointsL
1. have fun, there it is
2. ok, you got me, but in reality if you really want optimized drivers you always need to go to the vendor and they hardly want to let folks redistribute due to business logic
3. if you're looking for src, why is this a big deal? With many many features you need to mod config files by hand, this is the way of linux today
4. ok, well the average user doesn't update libraries making point 3 moot, removing and re-installing a kernel module can be easily scripted for anyone who cares to do so
5. don't update your kernel as often, the average user doesn't change their kernel, in fact this is why major vendors such as RH have the *kernel* as skipped packages as the default for updates.

You could find many many ways to bash vendors, I personally would rather like to see more act like NVidia. Where are my Broadcom drivers for 54G? Or the ATI drivers? Or my ACPI support from my laptop vendor? NVidia is farther along than any other vendor I know of in supporting Linux.

Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
----- Original Message ----- From: "Kenny Speer" <kenny speer comcast net>
To: "For testers of Fedora Core development releases"
<fedora-test-list redhat com>
Sent: Sunday, May 02, 2004 11:19 PM
Subject: Re: nVidia RIVA TNT - any success story?ll

If you have an NVidia card you should use the drivers from NVidia.  They
are very good at providing linux drivers for their cards (unlike ATI).
They have always worked great for me.  Go to their website and download
the drivers. If you need to, just use Vesa until you get the correct
drivers.  They will almost surely be better than the ones that ship with
  either XFree or the kernel.

Umm. The NVidia drivers are not full drivers. They are non-GPL kernel
modules which provide the hooks to run their modified version of the OpenGL
libraries, and they replace your OpenGL libraries without recording the
change in your RPM package management. This means several things:

    1: You can't debug or improve their drivers.
    2: You can't distribute their kernel drivers as part of a GPL package,
which makes it hard to sell the OS as a package with the drivers installted.
    3: You can't integrate it into the Xconfigurator or other such tools,
you have to edit your XF86Config or Xorg.conf files by hand.
    4: If you update your OpenGL libraries, you have to first un-install and
then after updating re-install the NVidia drivers.
    5: If you update your kernel, you'll have to ercompile the NVidia kernel
modules by hand.

Etc., etc., etc. This is not "very good at providing Linux drivers", this is
"giving a teensy-weensy acknowledgement of a growing market".

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