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Re: nVidia and ATi drivers in Fedora 2

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On Monday 03 May 2004 06:55, Antti Aspinen wrote:
> Hello
> I have two questions. First one is that will nVidia drivers work with
> Fedora Core 2? And what about ATi drivers? I'd like to know because I
> heard that normal X (Xfree86?)in Fedora is being replaced by some X.org
> and I don't have any information about that all. So if some one can tell
> if those drivers work (I hope for my friend that ATi will work and I
> hope for my self that nVidia works too.) and explain this X.org

o  ATI I don't know about, it certainly supports ATI notebook video to the 
extent of 2D and XV (accellerated movie playback) though.

o  Kernel 2.6 is making a change that breaks the current nVidia binary driver.  
Because nVidia choose to keep their source secret, nobody can fix this except 
nVidia.  FC2 Test 3 has this newer kernel and so the nVidia binary driver 
will not work with it until nVidia fix it.  nVidia are apparently saying they 
will get around to releasing fixed drivers after FC2 actually comes out.

In the meanwhile, the opensourced 'nv' drivers (the binary ones are called 
'nvidia') are increasingly good, they lack 3D and Multihead support but have 
everything else.  I am using these at the moment and I am quite happy, 
although I yearn for multihead back again.

o  Xorg is a fork from Xfree86, starting from the last old licensed version of 
Xfree from CVS a few weeks ago.  So to start with at least, the xorg stuff IS 
XFree86.  Because of this very few things are broken by the changeover and 
you can largely ignore that it is different.

- -Andy

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