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ATI drivers (was Re: nVidia and ATi drivers in Fedora 2)

On 05/03/04 09:10, Andy Green wrote:
>o  ATI I don't know about, it certainly supports ATI notebook video to the
>extent of 2D and XV (accellerated movie playback) though.
>- --

Not quite.  The new Dell Inspiron 9100 has a "WSXGA+" ATI video
card, which is designed to work with the 1680x1050 display.  (I
guess the "W" is for "wide."  It is very wide.)  The current
driver that comes with Fedora Core 2 test 3 will do only
1400x1050.  The result is that everything is  s t r e t c h e d
out.  (I admit that I didn't notice it right away.  I though I
was just having trouble finding nice fonts.)

This is also true with the latest available ATI driver from
although I must also say that, after going through their
recommended configuration procedure and moving XFree86-4 to
xorg.conf, nothing is any worse (and perhaps better, since I've
been unable to configure the dual monitor part so far, and this
claims to do that, although I haven't tried it).

I'm going to try to contact ATI directly about this.
Jonathan Baron, Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Home page:            http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~baron

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