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Dear Colleagues,

I am responding to:
"Fedora Core 2 test3 Available!
Notable changes in this release include:
- The 'CD1 won't boot' issue appears to be resolved. Any reports of
  continued failure are certainly appreciated."

This is very good news for those using linux-bootable CDROM.
Attached tables show that most of Intel main boards are not
linux compatible and many Intel BIOS drivers  consider the linux boot
just as
My Intel Desktop Board D845BG featuring Intel Express Installer
belongs to
this category
and so many of my students PC.

Before kernel 2.6 that was no problem because
boot-floppies  were doing the job.

A  solution now seems  to develop a sort of two-floppy
boot system.
That  will  help  people without linux-bootable CDROM's
or similar devices.
It would be usefull for others, too,
because  floppy-boot is very simple and

Best regards
Jonas Mockus

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