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Re: nVidia RIVA TNT - any success story?ll

On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 09:16:44PM -0700, Kenny Speer wrote:
> with -x and guess what?  You have the full source, complete and ready to 
> be hacked which I have done in order to get APM working when they 

You have source to a small bit of it.

> You could find many many ways to bash vendors, I personally would rather 
> like to see more act like NVidia.  Where are my Broadcom drivers for 
> 54G?  Or the ATI drivers?  Or my ACPI support from my laptop vendor? 
> NVidia is farther along than any other vendor I know of in supporting Linux.

ATI provided a ton of help to get radeon drivers including the 3D. Several
laptop vendors now test Linux ACPI compliance routinely.

Nvidia choose not to provide their 3D stuff. They have good business
reasons for this so I don't expect it to change. They do also however to
their credit provide most of the open source "nv" driver too

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