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Re: FC2T3 on emachines 6805 laptop

That's great but your kernel includes an awful lot of useless kruft. I suggest you take my .config and rebuild the rpm and then repost specifically for the m680x. You may want to make changes as I haven't gotten everything to work yet but I've gotten rid of most of the irrelevant modules.


Chris Kloiber wrote:
On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 10:20, Kedar Patankar wrote:


Just downloaded and installed FC2T3 x86_64 on my emachines 6805 laptop.
The install went through almost w/o a hitch. After the reboot, it tried
to start up the PCMCIA services and locked up. I then went into single
user mode and killed the S24pcmcia. Haven't had any time to figure out
why the PCMCIA locked up the machine.

Another problem is that it doesn't recognize the ATI mobility radeon
9600. X runs in VESA mode and can only do 1024x768. I haven't tried out
anything else yet. Any clues about how to make the X recognize radeon
9600 and atleast do 2D and 1280x800??


See my homepage: http://www.ckloiber.com

Basically disable PCMCIA and Kudzu services, and add boot options
pci=noacpi,usepirqmask then on a wired network download my custom kernel
and install it. Then re-enable PCMCIA (leave kudzu off, it explodes
violently) and reboot. Keep the new kernel boot options.
PCMCIA will work, even with a PCMCIA wireless card in it. The Broadcom
54G card is useless.

As for the video, run system-config-display and choose the Radeon 9600
from the list of cards. Select the Generic LCD at 1024x768. Then hand
edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf (and remove any XF86Config you may find)
Comment out the HorizSync and VertRefresh lines (if they aren't already)
xorg will then just do the right thing.

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