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Re: ATI drivers (was Re: nVidia and ATi drivers in Fedora 2)

On 月, 2004-05-03 at 06:54 -0400, Jonathan Baron wrote:
> On 05/03/04 09:10, Andy Green wrote:
> >o  ATI I don't know about, it certainly supports ATI notebook video to the
> >extent of 2D and XV (accellerated movie playback) though.
> >- --
> Not quite.  The new Dell Inspiron 9100 has a "WSXGA+" ATI video
> card, which is designed to work with the 1680x1050 display.  (I
> guess the "W" is for "wide."  It is very wide.)  The current
> driver that comes with Fedora Core 2 test 3 will do only
> 1400x1050.  The result is that everything is  s t r e t c h e d
> out.  (I admit that I didn't notice it right away.  I though I
> was just having trouble finding nice fonts.)

I have the Dell Inspigon 9100 (WUXGA) and I was able, after few hours,
to configure it to do 1900x1200 using the radeon driver. I still have to
figure out how to get dual monitor part to work. 

Email me if you need my xorg.conf file.


> This is also true with the latest available ATI driver from
> http://www.ati.com/support/infobase/linuxhowto-ati.html
> although I must also say that, after going through their
> recommended configuration procedure and moving XFree86-4 to
> xorg.conf, nothing is any worse (and perhaps better, since I've
> been unable to configure the dual monitor part so far, and this
> claims to do that, although I haven't tried it).
> I'm going to try to contact ATI directly about this.
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