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Re: DVD, XP and a 2 GB limit

On 5/4/2004 7:44 AM, TGS wrote:
IE might be the problem, but then I would not understand as to why I could
not FTP the file in the first place. I will try the other tools that you

Actually, if you use Windows XP provided ftp client (ftp.exe), it will transfer it without problems. If you are using a FAT partition on your XP, then you might not be able to see files bigger than 2GB. I have never used FAT, I always go for NTFS.

As for the XP usage, alas it is my game machine, and the machine that has
one with a RW DVD drive. In fact, my Linux box does not have a DVD, CDROM,
or a floppy at all, and 99.44% of the time, one is not needed.

There is no shame on using Windows, no need to justify! :-)


David Collantes - College of Business Administration, UCF - (407)823-3418
Always remember: you are unique, just like everyone else.

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