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Re: Ethereal Crash

Essam Mohsin wrote:
Hi :
I run Fedora Core2 Test3 on a PC " Intel PIV 1.GHz , 512 MB RAM , IDE HDD 10GB , nVidia Riva TNT2 VGA , 3Com 3C905 Network Card " . when I try to run Ethereal 0.10.3 and tick on the "Enable network name resolution" on the "Capture Options" , it will run for few seconds then it will stop scrolling the view of packets , then part of the display is blanked to white color , when I try to close it from the cross at the top of the screen it will take 5 minutes with no response then an error message will popup telling that " Window with the title " The Ethereal Network Analyzer" is not responding this window belong to the application ethereal (PID=xxxx , hostname=localhost) . Do you wish to terminate the app ...... "
Please note that I use my ISP DNS server IP to resolve the addresses of internet hosts , and I don't have local DNS server on my network . And Ethereal works fine when this option is not selected

Well, the problem is simple: The DNS lookups just take way too long for ethereal if there are tons of packages going in and out.

I've done the same test here on my box on our LAN and with that option enabled it took about 1 minute on my PIV 3GHz dual machine with both CPUs at top load to get all the info sorted.

So on a smaller box i can easily take quite some time. My simple advice: Don't turn that option on. It's similar to apache and the DNS resolution (which is a big nono in any sane apache setup that gets more than a few hundred hits a day).

Read ya, Phil

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