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FC2Test3 Graphical Installer Feedback

Hi All,
I installed FC2T3 on a PII 400 MHz system.  The install was successful and

At the boot prompt I hit <enter> and did a workstation install using the
graphical installer.

1) cdrom ejects during media check testing, cdrom does not eject when it is
time to change disks during installation

2) there are four buttons across the bottom of the screen, each install screen
usually has other mouse selection choices.  

Sometimes a button is clickable, sometimes not, indicated by a change in button
appearance.  Also, if the mouse is placed over an item the appearance will

In my opinion the contrast between states needs to be increased.  If an item is
greyed out, please make it more obvious.  If the mouse is over an item that can
be selected, please make it more obvious.  

3) if for example I click on the show help button then the button appearance is
changed, showing a dotted outline on the button.  If I click in the help window
then the dotted line on the show help button goes away.  Is this dotted line
behaviour intentional?

4) I chose not to install the grub bootloader and the install program highly
encouraged the creation of a boot disk.  However, I was not given the
opportunity to create a boot disk.  

5) partitioning install screen: on the top of this screen is a graphical
attempt to show the hard disk partitions sizes with partition label/size text.
 The text is cut off at the bottom of the graphic, small partitions cut off the
right side of the text.

6) mouse pointers used during install:  I observed 4 mouse pointer types;
arrow, rotating hourglass, wristwatch, and text window cursor.  Is this
intentional, what is the difference between the rotating hourglass and the

7) in the Help window I was able to select text and to right click my mouse
which popped up a menu (cut, copy, paste, select etc.) Is this intentional,
what is this used for in the install process?


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