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Re: Status of FireWire/IEEE1394/SBP2 in FC2?


> Yep -- I'm in the same boat. I didn't move to FC1 because of this, but
> now RHL9 is EOL I have to move to something and working FireWire is
> going to have to be a deciding factor.

>>Firewire was/is working in FC1...

maybe officially it was supported but the implementation was quite buggy and
IMHO unusable (at least for removable disks). The FC2 distribution with the 2.6
kernels are definitely a tremendous improvement over FC1.

btw, i read somewhere that FC2 will be shipping with a 2.6.6-* kernel. i've
been following the changelog on kernel.org and i've noticed a lot of ieee1394
fixes so i'm optimistic FC2 and firewire will be working as intended upon

also, i recommend the following setup for optimal firewire performance for the
time being:

[root markf78 home]# rpm -q fedora-release initscripts SysVinit kernel
kernel-2.6.3- (last known working firewire kernel)

NB. be sure to "/sbin/chkconfig kudzu off" otherwise the setup will kernel
panic at boot. i've experienced no problems, bugs, or any other errors with the
above setup. 

hope this helps...

mark. :-)

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