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Re: Huge problems with FC2-test3 on Toshiba P15-S420 Laptop

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On Tuesday 04 May 2004 21:30, Stan Vasilyev wrote:

Hi Stan -

> Now the problem is that I cannot log out or restart the machine. Every time
> I try it just shows me a black screen after which I have to remove the
> laptop battery to turn off the machine.

try appending acpi=off to the kernel commandline, found 
in /boot/grub/grub.conf

> Also, sometimes there is a problem with applications. Once in a while
> something happens to the system and the applications wouldn't start. I
> can't start the terminal, text editors or any other apps. The only things
> that still start are Mozilla and file manager.

Are you in KDE or Gnome?  Try starting a 'bad' application from a terminal 
window and look for any diagnostic messages.

> Finally, NVIDIA drivers don't work either. They compile and install fine, I
> edited xorg.conf file and after reboot it showed me a black screen again so
> I switched back to vesa driver.

Try the opensource "nv" driver instead -- this is much faster than vesa, and 
offers Xv video accelleration.  No 3D or multihead.  Read the list archives 
for the reasons why the nVidia binary driver is not working and won't be for 
a while either.  I assume that this was not already tried by the install with 
fatal results.

- -Andy

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