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Re: Athlon 64 new breakages

I'm seeing this as well with an Opteron system.  Install gets to the
partitioning phase and when I click next to auto partition (or manual) the
raid controller gives out a beep and then the whole system hangs.  i386
install works fine (though I still get that odd little beep from the raid
controller when the partitioning starts).  I've got an Adaptec 2810SA SATA
RAID controller.


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Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2004 7:20 AM
Subject: Athlon 64 new breakages

Test2 the dual athlon 64 box installs faultlessly. Test3 the same hardware
blows up the kernel (blue screen with random crap on it - text mode) the
moment the aacraid driver loads.

So it looks like someone broke aacraid or the scsi layer between t2 and t3.

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