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Re: acpi scripts

On Tue, 04 May 2004 09:11:51 -0400, Alexander Kirillov <kirillov math sunysb edu> wrote:

Can anyone point me to a working set of acpi scripts that would enable
suspend-to-RAM and other useful things (dimming the screen when
switvching to battery power, etc) for  a Dell Laptop (Latitude D600) on
FC2 T3? I found several scripts on the net, but they mostly are for
patched 2.4 kernel, and do not work for me.

Also: why don't we include some decent set of such scripts by default? I
know that ACPI can be tricky, and varies from one laptop to another -
but some things work rather reliably  (such as blanking screen on lid
close), and others (suspend) could be included  commented out.


at least, we could include some commented out scripts

Checkout this page. It dont know if these scripts will work on your machine, but I think they can set you to the right direction. Hope they help ;)

-- Opera 7.50beta1 on FedoraCore2_Test3

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