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Re: Insufficient privileges with Firestarter

On Tue, May 04, 2004 at 02:19:09PM -0400, Olu Akins wrote:
> I have FC2T3 installed with 2.6.5-1.327 and I have never had any problem 
> running firestarter from the icon. I just installed 2.6.5-1.349 and rebooted 
> and I get this message from both kernels when I click on the icon
> "Insufficient privileges
>  You must have root user privileges to use Firestarted"
> I don't want to give the user root privileges and normally it ask for root 
> password when the icon is clicked.
> I can start Firestarter from the shell as su and I noticed it complains about
> "FATAL: Module bsd_comp not found"
> any solution?

Firestarter is hooked into the pam subsystem so it will prompt for root
password when you click on the icon to start it. It needs root to be able
to parse the system logs for packet hits and manipulate the iptables rules.

As for the bsd_comp, it is only needed for ppp connections so I assume you
are a ppp user. There has been some scuttlebutt about dropping bsd_comp
from the latest kernel builds due to a possible license problem so maybe it
just isn't there in the kernel anymore. You may or may not need bsd_comp so
this may be a non-issue anyway.

For a recent online treatise on the linux ppp stack, try:


Jack Bowling
mailto: jbinpg shaw ca

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