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Re: Status of FireWire/IEEE1394/SBP2 in FC2?

On May  4, 2004, Mark Fonnemann <markf78 yahoo com> wrote:

> btw, i read somewhere that FC2 will be shipping with a 2.6.6-* kernel. i've
> been following the changelog on kernel.org and i've noticed a lot of ieee1394
> fixes so i'm optimistic FC2 and firewire will be working as intended upon
> shipping.

I'm not that optimistic.  I've been tracking the linux1394 SVN tree,
and the latest release is still broken.  Certainly not as broken as it
was in 2.6.5, but there's still some race condition in there that
causes firewire disk to turn belly up just while you most need them

> NB. be sure to "/sbin/chkconfig kudzu off" otherwise the setup will kernel
> panic at boot.

I've heard about such myths, but I find it hard to believe them.  If
it's kudzu that causes the hang, it's long past the end of the kernel
boot.  If it's kudzu that hangs the machine, the solution is to have
the following lines in your /etc/modprobe.conf:

alias ieee1394-controller ohci1394
alias scsi_hostadapter sbp2

This prevents kudzu from attempting to probe for the ohci1394 module
and then unload it, the latter of which causes a system hang.

Alexandre Oliva             http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~oliva/
Red Hat Compiler Engineer   aoliva {redhat com, gcc.gnu.org}
Free Software Evangelist  oliva {lsd ic unicamp br, gnu.org}

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