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Re: FCT3 - Hangs when installing from CD

I had this same problem, on an Asus P4C800 and Fedora
Core 1, (the CD wouldn't boot).

I had been using FC1 with no problems till I upgraded
the bios to version 1014. The only way I could find to
solve it was to patch the bios back to version 1011.
At the time I did that, version 1014 was the latest
one, so I can't tell whether versions 1015 or 1016
will work. Also, whether this is a bios fault or a
kernel one... I have no clue.

Hope this solves it for you ;)

>I'm also seeing the problem Eric describes, (same
MB), >but not only did
>FC1 work, FC2T2 worked as well. So something recent
>must have broken.
>Is there extra info I can send to help track down the
>problem ?
>>Eric Beyer said:
>>attempted to install
>> it for the last couple of hours but haven't had any
luck so far. I am
>> running into an issue where it is hanging right
after the message
>> "Uncompressing Linux... ok, booting the kernel".
>From there on out the
>> cursor just flashes on the left side of the screen
and my system is hung,
>> it requires a hard reset to reboot.
>> My configuration is as follows:
>> ASUS P4P800 Motherboard
>> P4 2.6GHz (HyperThreading Enabled)
>> 512 MB PC2700 RAM
>> 120 GB SATA drive (set as first drive)
>> 40 GB ATA/100 (PATA)
>> Plextor 8/4/32 CDRW (master on secondary)
>> Pioneer DVD ROM (slave)
>P.S Sorry for the top post.
>John Pullan <jmp tarantella com>

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