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Re: Status of FireWire/IEEE1394/SBP2 in FC2?

Alexandre Oliva wrote:

On May 4, 2004, "D. D. Brierton" <darren dzr-web com> wrote:

On Tue, 2004-05-04 at 21:13, shrek-m gmx de wrote:


Aha! Thank you for pointing this out to me. So FireWire support was
removed from the installer at the last minute

Err... Nope. It just never made it to the installer.

The situation with FC2 is a bit trickier, because the kernel ships
without working firewire drivers. My plan is to roll out updated
boot.iso images with 2.6.3ish firewire drivers, that work for me, and
then people will hopefully be able to use them just like they've used
my FC1-firewire stuff. If there's room for some more hoping :-),
maybe we're lucky and the current firewire problems in the mainline
kernel will get fixed and we'll be able to roll out kernel updates
with it enabled...

Well I just don't understand. I can compile the firewire drivers in any of the kernels.
Currently working very well in 2.6.5-1.350. Again why can't someone just go in
and make the drivers modules in any future kernel is beyond me. It's always worked
and I have had absolutely no hangups. Someone just decided to pull it from mainline
kernel with no reason what ever. Go figure.

Humor me.


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