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Re: FCT3 - Hangs when installing from CD

On 06/05/04 00:43 Eric Beyer Squawked:

> Till said:
>> On 06/05/04 00:09 Eric Beyer Squawked:
>>> misteer landos said:
>>>> I had been using FC1 with no problems till I upgraded
>>>> the bios to version 1014. The only way I could find to
>>>> solve it was to patch the bios back to version 1011.
>>> Hmm, I was at 1014 and recently went to 1016 and still had no luck. I
>>> will
>>> flash the bios back to 1011 tonight and post how it goes. I would be
>>> great
>>> to be able to get FC2 Test 3 installed so I can start planning/testing
>>> migration of my other 'main' box.
>> I just tried it and it made no difference :(  It
>> would seem that our motherboards and FC2T3 just
>> don't like each other. Funny because running
>> FC2T3(Upgraded from FC2T2) with kernel SMP-349,
>> FC2 runs superbly, well for a test release that is :)
> Darn! BTW what did you do to upgrade w/o booting from the T3 CD and
> choosing upgrade? I read the bit on 'apt-get dist-upgrade' and using yum
> but haven't gave them a shot yet.

I was already running FC2T2 and doing upgrades
via yum as they were released, which
automatically brings you up to FC2T3.  I did have
a problem booting into FC2T2 after installing
from FC2T2 CD but got by that by doing an
interactive startup and not loading kudzu.  once
logged in I upgraded the default kernel to the
latest at the time and all has bee well since.

Yeah - so if you install FC2T2 and then just do a
yum check-update and then yum update, you should
be at FC2T3, no need to do a dist upgrade!



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