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RE: VMware and Fedora

Fedora Core 2 Test 3 was crashing during install on VMware 4.5.1 until I
issued the "vdso=0" at the boot prompt then the install worked fine.
However, after installation and during boot up, VMware crashed giving this
error right after displaying "Red Hat nash version 3.5.21 starting":

<below is partial list of wmware.log file>

SVGA: Unregistering IOSpace at 0x1460 (0x1460)
SVGA: Registering IOSpace at 0xfff0 (0x0000)
SVGA: Unregistering IOSpace at 0xfff0 (0xfff0)
SVGA: Registering IOSpace at 0x1460 (0x0000)
CDROM: Unknown command 0x46.
Core dump with build build-7568
Setting vaddr to 0
Beginning monitor coredump
End monitor coredump
Writing anonymous pages at pos: 401000
Monitor Panic.  Last Disk I/O was to the MBR
Msg_Post: Error
[msg.log.monpanic] *** VMware Workstation internal monitor error ***
NOT_IMPLEMENTED at 602 (7568)
Code: 00000602-00001d90-e3bfafe0-afff81e7-f1cba686-bfd69288-82c2a5cb-e0fb

Any help with a possible work around would be greatly appreciated.

Chyld M.

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Running FC2 Test3 and higher in VMWare is broken because VMWare needs to 
implement vdso.  For now you can use "vdso=0" boot option.  It works for 
me when running FC2 Test3 within VMWare 4.5.1 hosted on FC2 Test3.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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