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Re: VMware and Fedora

On Monday 03 May 2004 17:19, Warren Togami wrote:
> Running FC2 Test3 and higher in VMWare is broken because VMWare needs to
> implement vdso.  For now you can use "vdso=0" boot option.  It works for
> me when running FC2 Test3 within VMWare 4.5.1 hosted on FC2 Test3.

Thanks for the tip Warren ... vdso=0 now allows me to install FC2T3 as a 

In fact, I installed FC2T3 as a guest on an older version of VMware (3.2.0) 
and with vdso=0 I successfully did a minimum install.  But, once installed I 
got errors trying to run it.

OK, so copy the files over to a FC2T3 system where I have VMware 4.5.1 
installed ... works just fine (if a bit slow).

Now my problem is that I cannot get a FC2T3 install under VMware 4.5.1 ... I 
intend to do an nfs install with just the boot.iso.  Unfortunately, I cannot 
get VMware to boot the cdrom ... instead, it falls through to the network 

Anyone successfully done a FC2T3 install under vmware 4.5.1?  Anyone have any 
ideas about my problems?

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