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Back to the NFS problem.

Alright, in the archives of this list there are some people mentioning
problems getting NFS to work between their FC2Tx box and a Debian box.

That is, an NFS server running on the Debian box, and they try to mount
the exported share on the FC2 box, but all they ever get is this:

[root klorel mnt]# mount new:/home/ mnt/temp
mount to NFS server 'new' failed: server is down.

And nothing in their error logs.

Someone mentioned trying an Ethereal trace.. and although i don't really
know how to decypher it's output, i tried this, and it looks like maybe
there's some kind of version problem, where the Debian server can't use
"version 2" ? But i don't even know how to tell what version is installed,
as there doesn't even seem to be any executables, everything is handled by

Those of you who were having the problem before me - Have any of you
gotten it to work? I really need this working.. :-/


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