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Re: Back to the NFS problem.

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 11:58:39AM -0500, Quasar Jarosz wrote:
> Someone mentioned trying an Ethereal trace.. and although i don't really
> know how to decypher it's output, i tried this, and it looks like maybe
> there's some kind of version problem, where the Debian server can't use
> "version 2" ? But i don't even know how to tell what version is installed,
> as there doesn't even seem to be any executables, everything is handled by
> 'mount'.

rpcinfo -p <hostname>

will report all of the RPC services running on the specified host.  From
that, you can see which versions of mountd, lockd, and nfsd are running.

You can specify an NFS version at mount using:

mount -o nfsvers=[2|3] server:/export /mnt/mountpoint

('man mount' has all of the NFS mount options under the heading "Mount
options for nfs")

Be sure that both /etc/init.d/nfs and /etc/init.d/nfslock services are
running prior to attempting to mount.

> Those of you who were having the problem before me - Have any of you
> gotten it to work? I really need this working.. :-/

I have no problem using NFS between other Linux boxes, Solaris, etc.

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