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Re: Back to the NFS problem.

Quasar Jarosz <masterra m-ra net>@redhat.com on 05/06/2004 12:58:39 PM

> Alright, in the archives of this list there are some people mentioning
> problems getting NFS to work between their FC2Tx box and a Debian box.

I have a similar issue when trying to talk to an SCO OpenServer box.

> That is, an NFS server running on the Debian box, and they try to mount
> the exported share on the FC2 box, but all they ever get is this:
> [root klorel mnt]# mount new:/home/ mnt/temp
> mount to NFS server 'new' failed: server is down.
> And nothing in their error logs.
> Someone mentioned trying an Ethereal trace.. and although i don't really
> know how to decypher it's output, i tried this, and it looks like maybe
> there's some kind of version problem, where the Debian server can't use
> "version 2" ? But i don't even know how to tell what version is
> as there doesn't even seem to be any executables, everything is handled
> 'mount'.

I have looked at the Ethereal trace, and the magic information
(In mu case) is that the remote NFS doesn't support version #2
(of NFS presumably).

> Those of you who were having the problem before me - Have any of you
> gotten it to work? I really need this working.. :-/

No, not yet.

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