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Re: FC2T3 questions

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 13:12, Ben Brown wrote:
> Just installed FC2test3 on my desktop... and I'm having a couple of
> issues.
> First off, when I install RPMs (via the terminal), I get a ton of
> errors, such as:
> I didn't enable SELinux, so I'm confused as to why I'm getting these
> errors. Is there something else I have to disable?

Don't worry about them. They are harmless.

> The second question isn't an issue so much as a "general practices"
> question. Running 'yum check-update' shows quite a few updates available
> for download. I tested FC2test2 briefly, until running 'yum update'
> screwed up the whole system. After installing a test release, is
> updating all the packages recommended?

I've never had yum update screw up any distribution. Even test2.
It is safe and recommended to run yum update - however, this is a test
release - if you want to use a stable release where you will be less
likely to encounter problems, install Fedora Core 1 or wait for Core 2

It is possible that you will have some issues after updating, it is also
possible that many issues (even ones you don't know about) will go away.

It is a test release - don't use it if testing isn't your cup of jawa

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