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Re: Volume control app shows two mixers?

I notice the same duplicates with the Alsa Mixer.

My volume control applet appears to work fine after I removed it and re-added it to the panel. It doesn't do what you're describing. Before, I wasn't able to modify the volume at all; it would just go back (snaps back) down to full low if I tried adjusting the bar up.


Brian Bober wrote:
I have the same thing, and what's really weird is if I scroll to the right on
the Alsa Mixer, I start seeing two copies of each setting.

I'm curious... Do you also have the issue where if you click on the volume
control applet and adjust the volume to something below max, it starts dropping
slowly to a lower volume?

--- Vibol Hou <vibol khmer cc> wrote:

I've got a Dell Latitude C400 laptop and the volume mixer shows two tabs:

Cirrus Logic CS4205 rev3, Silic [Audio Mixer (OSS)]
Intel 82801CA-ICH3 [Alsa Mixer]

Both appear to be controlling the volumes just fine (Main and PCM) but I was wondering if this is normal.


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