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Re: Wine

Paul wrote:

setarch i686 wine notepad
you may need to install setarch

Is there an explanation somewhere of why this works?

IIRC, it stops the prelinking which seems to be the root of the problem



The following is from Codeweavers FAQ for Crossover Office: Why doesn't CrossOver work on Fedora and RedHat Enterprise Linux 3?

With the Fedora and RHEL 3 releases, RedHat has introduced two new features to their Linux: 'prelink' and 'exec shield'. Unfortunately both completely break Wine and therefore CrossOver.

We are still working to better understand the problem but the current workaround is to disable both.

To disable prelink, edit /etc/sysconfig/prelink and change 'yes' to 'no'. Then manually run /etc/cron.daily/prelink as root.

To disable exec shield edit /etc/rc.d/rc.local and add the line

echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield

This will turn exec shield off at boot time, to turn it off now type the following command as root

# echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield

On Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 you will need to run the following command in the same terminal you launch OfficeSetup or a Crossover based application.

$ ulimit -s unlimited

The above command only affects the shell that it is run in.

Hope this helps.

Gerry Tool

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