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Re: Mozilla - Firefox - Epiphany discrepancies

I just figured out that running the privoxy proxy was causing the problem with CPanel as viewed from Mozilla, but the other discrepancy still remains even after I turned off the proxy.

Elaine Normandy wrote:

When I try to administer my website on my ISP (which uses CPanel, lots of javascript) Mozilla takes an extremely long time to load the pages. At first, I thought my ISP had slowed down, and cursed them rather than Mozilla. However, both Epiphany and Firefox load the site quickly.
The only other discrepancy I have noticed is that I can use Epiphany to check boxes when I update my patron account at my local library, and Mozilla doesn't do the exact function. (This site also seems to use javascript.)

I am baffled by this behavior, because I assume since they all use the same gecko engine, they would all be handling javascript the same way. Any insights? I am running an up2date version of a clean install of FC2test3.

Elaine Normandy (Colorado Springs)
Weblog: http://www.stardel.com/fiveacres/

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