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Re: getting ACPI suspend to work (on Dell Inspiron)

Small addendum.  Sorry.

On 05/07/04 09:38, Jonathan Baron wrote:
>I've been trying to get "suspend" to work on a Dell Inspiron
>9100.  Any of the sleep states will do, for a start.  Here's the
>relevant information:
>I can blank the screen using
>xset dpms force off
>(which I have set on a button now)
>I followed some instructions for getting ACPI to work on the
>Inspiron 8500, which were the best I could find for anything

When I did this, all I did was install the scripts from
because it seemed that everything else had been done in the new

>This almost works.  I think that the main reason it doesn't
>work is the change in the kernel, not the change from the i8500
>to the i9100.
>Before I did this, Fn-Suspend (function key plus suspend button,
>which is on the Esc key) did nothing.  After rebooting, it now
>does something.  It blanks the screen for about 10 sec, and then
>the screen comes back.
>Checking /var/log/acpi yields the following.  I can tell that
>some of this really happened, because I was logged in from
>another computer and I got cut off, so eth0 really stopped (but
>it came back spontaneously after the 10 sec).
>The script for the i8500 uses apmd, which is supposedly disabled
>(but, as I say, it does something).  I suspect that there is
>another way to enter sleep states, to go into /etc/acpi/actions.
>(The links at the bottom of
>http://acpi.sourceforge.net/documentation/ seem to have a good
>discussion of sleep states and other things.)
>[Fri May  7 09:29:43 2004] received event "button/sleep SBTN
>00000080 00000006"
>[Fri May  7 09:29:43 2004] notifying client 4947[500:500]
>[Fri May  7 09:29:43 2004] executing action
>"/etc/acpi/actions/suspend button/sleep SBTN 00000080 00000006"
>[Fri May  7 09:29:43 2004] BEGIN HANDLER MESSAGES
>Shutting down interface eth0:  [  OK  ]
>Shutting down loopback interface:  [  OK  ]
> issuing standby command
> issuing standby command
>Mounting other filesystems:  [  OK  ]
>No APM support in kernel
>[Fri May  7 09:29:48 2004] END HANDLER MESSAGES
>[Fri May  7 09:29:48 2004] action exited with status 0
>[Fri May  7 09:29:48 2004] completed event "button/sleep SBTN
> 00000080 00000006"
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